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ICST 2008 List of Accepted Papers

First International Conference on Software Testing,
Verification and Validation
Lillehammer, Norway
April 9-11 2008

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Regular Track

  1. Vahid Garousi. Traffic-aware Stress Testing of Distributed Real-Time Systems based on UML Models in the presence of Time Uncertainty
  2. Jens Grabowski, Helmut Neukirchen and Thomas Rings. Testing Grid Application Workflows Using TTCN-3
  3. Wishnu Prasetya, Tanja Vos and Arthur Baars. Trace-based Reflexive Testing of OO Programs
  4. Andy Zaidman, Bart Van Rompaey, Serge Demeyer and Arie van Deursen. Mining Software Repositories to Study Co-Evolution of Production & Test Code
  5. Armin Beer and Stefan Mohacsi. Efficient Test Data Generation for Variables with Complex Dependencies
  6. Alessandro Marchetto, Paolo Tonella and Filippo Ricca. State-Based Testing of Ajax Web Applications
  7. Andrew Tappenden and James Miller. A Three-Tiered Testing Strategy for Cookies
  8. Jaymie Strecker and Atif Memon. Relationships Between Test Suites, Faults, and Fault Detection in GUI Testing
  9. Naoyasu Ubayashi, Jinji Piao, Suguru Shinotsuka and Tetsuo Tamai. A Contract-based Verification for Aspect-oriented Refactoring
  10. Bo Yu, Liang Kong, Yufeng Zhang and Hong Zhu. Testing Java Components Based on Algebraic Specifications
  11. M.P. Ware, F.G. Wilkie and M. Shapcott. The Use of Intra-Release Product Measures in Predicting Release Readiness
  12. Cristina Seceleanu, Paul Pettersson and Hans Hansson. Scheduling Timed Modules for Correct Resource Sharing
  13. Bin Lei, Linzhang Wang and Xuandong Li. UML Activity Diagram Based Testing of Java Concurrent Programs for Data Race and Inconsistency
  14. Muhammad Rabee Shaheen and Lydie Du Bousquet. Relation between Depth of Inheritance Tree and Number of Methods to Test
  15. Sebastien Bardin and Philippe Herrmann. Structural Testing of Executables
  16. Alexander Pretschner, Tejeddine Mouelhi and Yves Le Traon. Model-Based Tests for Access Control Policies
  17. Yves Le Traon, Tejeddine Mouelhi, Alexander Pretschner and Benoit Baudry. Test-Driven Assessment of Access Control in Legacy Applications
  18. Hoijin Yoon, Eun Mi Ji and Byoungju Choi. Generating Test Requirements for the Service Connections based on the Layers of SOA
  19. Stefan Wagner, Florian Deissenboeck, Michael Aichner, Johann Wimmer and Markus Schwalb. An Evaluation of Two Bug Pattern Tools for Java
  20. Patricia Mouy, Bruno Marre, Nicky Williams and Pascale Le Gall. Generation of all-paths unit test with function calls
  21. Eric Wong, Tingting Wei, Lei Zhao and Yu Qi. A Crosstab-based Statistical Method for Effective Fault Localization
  22. Fabiano Cutigi Ferrari, Jose Carlos Maldonado and Awais Rashid. Mutation Testing for Aspect-Oriented Programs
  23. Roy Patrick Tan and Stephen Edwards. Evaluating Automated Unit Testing in Sulu
  24. Khaled El-Fakih, Anton Kolomeez, Svetlana Prokopenko and Nina Yevtushenko. Extended Finite State Machine Based Test Derivation Driven By User Defined Faults
  25. Frederic Boulanger and Cecile Hardebolle. Simulation of Multi-Formalism Models with ModHel'X
  26. Mark Sherriff and Laurie Williams. Empirical Software Change Impact Analysis using Singular Value Decomposition
  27. Birgitta Lindstrom, Jeff Offutt and Sten F Andler. Testability of Dynamic Real-Time Systems: An Empirical Study of Constrained Execution Environment Implications
  28. Ilinca Ciupa, Alexander Pretschner, Andreas Leitner, Manuel Oriol and Bertrand Meyer. On the Predictability of Random Tests for Object-Oriented Software
  29. Jacqueline McQuillan and James Power. A Metamodel for Object-Oriented Software Metrics: An Analysis using Alloy
  30. Siavash Mirarab and Ladan Tahvildari. An Empirical Study on Bayesian Network-based Approach for Test Case Prioritizatoin
  31. Clemente Izurieta and James Bieman. Testing Consequences of Grime Buildup in Object Oriented Design Patterns
  32. Sreedevi Sampath, Renee Bryce, Gokulanand Viswanath, Vani Kandimalla and Gunes Koru. Prioritizing User-session-based Test Cases for Web Application Testing
  33. Amit Paradkar, Matthew Kaplan, Tim Klinger, Avik Sinha, Clay Williams and Cemal Yilmaz. Less is More: A Minimalistic Approach to UML Model-Based Conformance Test Generation
  34. Sagar Sen, Benoit Baudry and Jean-Marie Mottu. On Combining Multi-formalism Knowledge to Select Models for Model Transformation Testing
  35. Nadia Alshahwan and Mark Harman. Automated Repair of Session Data to Improve Web Application Regression Testing
  36. Reinhold Ploesch, Harald Gruber, Gustav Pomberger, Matthias Saft and Stefan Schiffer. Tool Support for Expert-Centred Code Assessments
  37. Dimitrios S. Kolovos, Richard Paige and Fiona Polack. Detecting and Repairing Inconsistencies Across Heterogeneous Models

Industry - full length papers

  1. Raghunath Vemuri. Component Testing in Mobile Devices
  2. Eitan Farchi and Shmuel Ur. Selective Homeworkless Review
  3. Bruce Benton. Designing and Building a Software Test Organization
  4. Daniel Larsson, Robert Feldt and Hakan Bertilsson. Challenges and Solutions in Test Staff Relocations within a Software Consultancy Company
  5. Krzysztof Rogoz and Tomasz Padlo. The Role of Stability Testing in Heterogeneous Application Environment
  6. Moonzoo Kim, Yunja Choi, Yunho Kim and Hotae Kim. Pre-testing Flash Device Driver through Model Checking Techniques
  7. Walter Hargassner, Thomas Hofer, Claus Klammer, Josef Pichler and Gernot Reisinger. A Script-Based Testbed for Mobile Software Frameworks
  8. Bill Hasling, Helmut Goetz and Klaus Beetz. Model Based Testing of System Requirements using UML Use Case Models
  9. Debarshi Raha and Mohan Jadhav. Automation Method for testing XML/DB/XML Layers
  10. Eckard Bringmann and Andreas Kramer. Model-based Testing of Automotive Systems
  11. Jeff Offutt, Qingxiang Wang and Joann Ordille. An Industrial Case Study of Bypass Testing on Web Applications
  12. Dan Travison and Geoff Staneff. Test Instrumentation and Pattern Matching for Automatic Failure Identification
  13. Jani Metsa, Mika Katara and Tommi Mikkonen. Comparing Aspects with Conventional Techniques for Increasing Testability
  14. Ravi Gorthi and Kailash Chanduka. New Approaches to Test Case Generation
  15. Sebastian Wieczorek, Alin Stefanescu and Ina Schieferdecker. Test Data Provision for ERP Systems

Industry - short papers

  1. Josef Pichler and Rudolf Ramler. How to Test the Intangible Properties of Graphical User Interfaces?
  2. Alexander Lechner and Ruth Breu. Workflow Inspector - A Test Tool for Microsoft Workflow Foundation
  3. Wolfgang Grieskamp, Dave MacDonald, Nico Kicillof, Alok Nandan, Keith Stobie and Fred Wurden. Model-Based Quality Assurance of Windows Protocol Documentation
  4. Fabian Scarano. The Test Manager drives the Project to a Win

Student papers

  1. (322) Stephan Weißleder and Holger Schlingloff. Quality of Automatically Generated Test Cases based on OCL Expressions
  2. (320) Matt Chu, Christian Murphy and Gail Kaiser. Distributed In Vivo Testing of Software Applications
  3. (328) Ayla Dantas, Francisco Brasileiro and Walfredo Cirne. Improving Automated Testing of Multi-threaded Software
  4. (321) Andrea Baruzzo and Marco Comini. A Methodology for UML Models V&V
  5. (323) Raluca Lefticaru and Florentin Ipate. Functional Search-based Testing from State Machines
  6. (334) Myoung Kim and Yoonsik Cheon. A Fitness Function to Find Feasible Sequences of Method Calls for Evolutionary Testing of Object-Oriented Programs.
  7. (335) Henrique Rebêlo, Ricardo Lima, Márcio Cornélio and Sergio Soares. A JML Compiler based on AspectJ
  8. (333) Ravidutta Kodre, Hadar Ziv and Debra Richardson. Statistical Sampling based approach to alleviate Log Replay Testing
  9. (329) Andres Ramirez and Betty Cheng. Verifying and Analyzing Adaptive Logic Through UML State Models

Last updated: January 21, 2008