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January 25: For Assignment 1 you must standardize the data in X. An update has been added to the assignment description.

January 20: Assignment 1 (A1) is now due Monday, January 30th, at 10 PM.

Lecture videos are available at this CS480 video recordings site.


Week Topic Material Reading Assignments
Week 1:
Jan 17 - Jan 20
Overview. Intro to machine learning. Python. 01 Course Overview,
02 Matrices and Plotting,
The Great A.I. Awakening, by Gideon Lewis-Krause, NYT, Dec 14, 2016.
Section 1 of Scipy Lecture Notes
Week 2:
Jan 23 - Jan 27
Probability distributions and regression. 03 Linear Regression,
04 Gaussian Distributions


Week Topic Material Reading Assignments
Week 3:
Jan 30 - Feb 3
Probabilistic Linear Regression. Ridge regression. Data partitioning. On-line, incremental regression. Regression with fixed nonlinearities. 05 Fitting Gaussians,
06 Probabilistic Linear Regression
A1 Linear Regression due Monday, January 30th at 10:00 PM.


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