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This page will contain links to helpful on-line material.

Jobs in Machine Learning

Recent News

Distill, useful explanations of machine learning concepts.

ML News Google Group

Connectionists Mailing List

Towards Data Science, introductions and tutorials related to machine learning

AAAI AI-Alerts

Deep Learning Weekly

Medium: Machine Learning

The Gradient

NeurIPS Conference Videos

Exponential View Newsletter has cool visualizations of data related to many current and future issues, such as environment and energy.

An AI speed test shows clever coders can still beat tech giants like Google and Intel, by James Vincent, May 7, 2018

Last Week in AI

AAAI AI Alerts, newsletter on recent AI news

Deep Learning Weekly newsletter: Check out this Nov, 2019 video by Andrej Karpathy, Head of AI at Tesla, summarizing Tesla's deep learning approach to self-driving cars.

3Blue1Brown great youtube videos on neural networks.

Hot Topics


Scipy Lecture Notes

Numpy Cheat Sheet

Tutorial on using groupby and other functions in pandas.

Pandas Cheat Sheet, very handy two pager.

Neural Networks Tutorial (excellent introduction to neural nets with python and numpy)

Machine Learning with Numpy (very thorough set of jupyter notebooks as tutorials to numpy, pandas, neural networks, and other topics)

Neural Network Tutorial with Numpy

Emacs - the Best Python Editor?

Installing and running python and jupyter notebook on Windows 10


Jupyter Notebook

Visualizations in Python

PyVis A nice overview of visualization packages available in python.


Mathematics for Machine Learning, by Marc Peter Deisenroth, A. Aldo Faisal, and Cheng Soon Ong.

Use of GPU

JAX installation with Nvidia CUDA and cudNN support help with fixing most common installation errors. Might help with pytorch and tensorflow also.

Reinforcement Learning

Data Sources

Writing Tips

Git and GitHub



Overleaf an on-line Latex service.

Authorea another on-line Latex (and other methods) service.

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