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CS 163/4: Java Programming (CS 1)
Computer Science

CS 163/4: Java Programming (CS 1)

public static void main(String[] args) {
  System.out.println("Hello Class - Java is Cool");

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Section Time Where
163.401 & 164.401 Remote Instruction Canvas
163.801 CSU Online Canvas
164.801 CSU Online Canvas


For Su2020, all labs are online/helpdesk sessions.


Albert Lionelle

Instructor and Curriculum Specialist,
Computer Science
College of Natural Sciences

274 Computer Science Building | 1100 Center Avenue Mall | Fort Collins, CO 80523

Office Hours:
By appointment only - online / virtual
Preferred Contact
Private Message on Microsoft Teams


  • Audrey Dorin
  • Matthew Ernst
  • Isabella Zapata

Helpdesk Times

For Su2020 all helpdesk hours will be online. See: help desk instructions
Time (MDT) Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
11:00 AM
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1:00 PM M Isabella T Isabella W Isabella Th Isabella
2:00 PM M Isabella T Matthew W Isabella Th Matthew
3:00 PM M Matthew T Matthew W Matthew Th Matthew
4:00 PM M Audrey T Audrey W Audrey Th Audrey
5:00 PM

- Times are all based on mountain daylight time. Times with a gold background, are times when it is open.
- Summer 2020 all times are virtual help desk times.
- TAs will substitute a time for a live session each week, which will appear in Microsoft Teams.

What's in a name?

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Computer Science Department

279 Computer Science Building
1100 Centre Avenue
Fort Collins, CO 80523
Phone: (970) 491-5792
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CS 163/4: Java Programming (CS 1)

Computer Programming in Java: Topics include variables, assignment, expressions, operators, booleans, conditionals, characters and strings, control loops, arrays, objects and classes, file input/output, interfaces, recursion, inheritance, and sorting.