For the moment this page is being used to keep track of some of the more important Sage Notebooks developed this semester.

Perspective Projection Pipeline
Sage notebook covering the 3D perpsective projection pipeline mapping from world to camera coordinates. [sws file download] [Sage Math Cloud]
Sage notebook covering the 3D geometry of ray casting. [sws file download] [Sage Math Cloud]
Lighting a Sphere
Illustration of Illumination using a Sphere and Two Lights. [sws file download] [Sage Math Cloud]
Reflection and Spheres. (Last Update 11/15/16)
Illustration of three spheres with multiple recursive levels of reflection. [sws file download] [Sage Math Cloud Here also is an example image from this Notebook.
Refraction, and reflection, with Spheres
There are two examples showing both refraction and reflection through a scene consisting of multiple spheres. These two notebooks are also the most up-to-date and refined complete examples of recursive ray tracing being presented ind CS410. All students should review these carefully as a way to wrap up the semester, synthesize much of what has been presented, and of course in preparation for the final exam.
[zip file with two sws files] [Sage Math Cloud Scene 01] [Sage Math Cloud Scene 02] [Page with example images.]
Bezier Curves
Here is a Notebook showing the basic mathematics behind a Bezier Curve Segment in 3D. This Notebook includes several examples in both 2D and 3D. [sws file download] [Sage Math Cloud]
Bezier Surface Patch
Here is a Notebood showing the mathematics and examples of a Bezier Surface Patch. [sws file download] [Sage Math Cloud]