a Projects

Final Project

The goal of the project is for you to get your hands dirty with an AI problem. It must be an application of AI, and could be in an area not taught in class. For the project you will be working in pairs. Special permission is required for larger/smaller groups.

What you need to do

Project Proposal

Choose the topic of your project and write a one or two page description of your proposed project. Your proposal needs to address the following: The proposal needs to be submitted via Canvas by Nov 1st.

Final Report

A paper presenting what you've learned. Describe the problem domain, existing approaches for solving the problem, your approach, results of your experiments, and what you would have done differently or what you would add if you had more time. When describing information about the problem and other approach, support such statements with appropriate references. Your report must clearly describe what each team member did; all members of the team need to participate in the writing. Submit your report as a pdf file and your code and data as a single gzipped tar file via Canvas. Due date: December 17th.
Here are some of the factors that determine your grade for the project: