Discussion 3: OMP Tasks

Your lab report should follow the same outline as previous reports.

To receive the full grade, 1. each member of the group must post their results and analysis from the Lab in Piazza, 2. each member must contribute analysing and commenting on others' data and analysis in Piazza and 3. final report must be posted within your group in Piazza.

  • Take the time, and speedup plots you created in Lab 3 - OMP Tasks and discuss these with your group in Piazza.
  • What can you say about the unpruned version? Discuss the results.
  • What size parameter was good for the pruned version?
  • How much did you gain in the version that spawned only one task for each two recursive calls?
  • How many tasks are created in each of your codes?
  • Come to a group conclusion and post your final report within your Piazza group.