Schedule, Fall 2017

The schedule is maintained through the semester. Recordings of the lectures will be available on Canvas.

Month Day Week Lecture Reading Discussions Labs Assignment
Posted Due
Aug 22 Tue 1 Introduction (slides) Quinn Ch 3 D0 discuss on Piazza No lab on MONDAY, L01 on Thursday
labs run Thursday and following Monday
24 Thu  
29 Tue 2 OpenMP (slides Quinn)
and tasks (slides)
Quinn Ch17 D0 due on Monday 8am.
D1 discuss on Piazza
No lab on Thursday and next week Monday (Labor day).
Finish L01 (especially scheduling)
PA1 (warmup)
31 Thu   PA1
Sept 5 Tue 3 Sieve of Eratosthenes (slides) and
Caching, Blocking & Locality (slides)
Quinn Ch 5
D1 (L1 report) due, Thursday 8am. L3 (OpenMP Tasks, PA1 help)  
7 Thu  
12 Tue 4 Roofline(slides)
and Performance Analysis (slides)
Roofline D3 (OMP tasks) PA2 help PA2 (Sieve)
14 Thu   PA2
19 Tue 5 Knapsack DP (slides)   Knapsack D3 due, Monday 18, 8 am L4 Performance Evaluation.  
21 Thu  
26 Tue 6 Dependence Analysis (slides)   D4 (Performance Evaluation) L4 continued  
28 Thu    
Oct 3 Tue 7 Midterm Review       PA3(knapsack)
5 Thu Midterm (in class for campus students, on line for Distance students, no lab this Thursday and next week Monday).
The test is closed book, but you can bring one page of notes.
The on line quiz for Distance Students is available Thursday from 2pm until Sunday 23:59 pm.
Material: Weeks 1 to 6.
10 Tue 8 Thursday class cancelled, but there is Lab   D4 (Performance Evaluation) due 8:00 am Monday, Oct 9 L5 Wavefront parallelization   PA3
12 Thu  
17 Tue 9 Performance and Efficiency(Quinn slides)
MPI Introduction (Quinn slides)
Quinn Ch 7   PA3 help  
19 Thu  
24 Tue 10 MPI details (Gropp and Lusk slides)
Matrix Multiply (Algorithms, MPI code
Differentiation, integration slides)
Pacheco MPI Guide D5 (wavefront) due L6 MPI Communication Patterns
26 Thu  
31 Tue 11 Finite Difference Methods and MPI
(Quinn slides)< Introduction to (GP)GPUs and CUDA slides)
    L7 IsoEfficiency PA4 (MPI Jacobi) PA4
Nov 2 Thu  
7 Tue 12 PA4 due date extended to Sunday Nov 12, 11:59 pm, late submission 10% off
CUDA register shared matmult
Sorting (Quinn slides)
    PA4 help PA5 (Cuda)
9 Thu
14 Tue 13 Sorting (slides)
Thursday: class cancelled
  D7 (Iso-efficiency) due Cuda coalescing ** starts Monday 11/13 **    
16 Thu
21 Tue 14 Thanksgiving break
23 Thu
28 Tue 15 Guest Lectures: Swetha Varadarajan: Polyhedral Optimizations of RNA-RNA Interaction Computations,
Sanjay Rajopadhye: Future plans, CS575
Regular Lecture: Linear Equations(slides)
MPI Quiz due   PA5 help   PA5
30 Thu  
Dec 5 Tue 16 Project report due
Shortest Paths(slides), Review
  D8 (Cuda Coalescing) due Lab cancelled   Proj. Report
8 Thu   Bonus PA6
13 Wed 17 Final Exam Dec 13 6:20-8:20 pm in class
Dec 14 - Dec 17 On line: 2 hr quiz
Material: comprehensive with emphasis on weeks 8 - 16.
The test is closed book, but you can bring one page of notes.