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CT320: Network and System Administration

Fall 2015

Home Page

This is the home page for CT320, Network and System Administration, a Computer Science class at Colorado State University.
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Silly Question

Thursday October 8 11:29AM

HW3 Available

Wednesday September 30 9:12PM

HW3 is now available.

Quiz Scores

Thursday September 24 12:56PM

Use ~ct320/bin/grade to see your iClicker quiz scores. Make sure that your quizzes are being recorded.

HW2 Available

Saturday September 12 4:34PM

HW2 is now available.

Office Hours

Sunday August 30 6:02PM

Office hours for Jack & Kush have been established—see the syllabus.

HW1 Available

Sunday August 30 10:58AM

HW1 is now available.

iClicker Required

There will be iClicker quizzes in CT320. Get one; register it via Canvas. Log in to Canvas, select “iClicker” on the left, and enter the number from your iClicker, as shown here.

No Lab the First Week

There will be no lab (recitation) the first week of classes, since the Monday lab is before the first lecture.

No Onions in CSB

Tuesday January 22 3:11PM

Please, no onions in the Computer Science Building, including the Linux Lab. One of our faculty has a severe allergy to them.

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