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Selected Publications

Selected papers on MDE and Agile Processes

  • R. France, B. Rumpe; Model-driven Development of Complex Software: A Research Roadmap Proceedings of the ICSE 2007 Future of Software Engineering, May 2007. pdf (pre-publication draft)
  • R. France, S. Ghosh, T. Dinh-Trong, A. Solberg; Model-Driven Development using UML 2.0: Promises and Pitfalls IEEE Computer, 39(2); February 2006; 59-66. DOI
  • Arnor Solberg, Robert France, Raghu Reddy, Navigating the MetaMuddle, MODELS Fourth Workshop in Software Model Engineering, October 2005, Jamaica. pdf (pre-publication draft)
  • Daniel Turk, Robert France, Bernhard Rumpe, Assumptions Underlying Agile Software Development Processes, Journal of Database Management (JDM), Special Issue on Agile Information Systems Development. pdf (pre-publication draft)

Selected papers on Aspect-Oriented Modeling (AOM is a compositional approach to modeling)

  • Murray Woodside, Dorina C. Petriu, Dorin B. Petriu, Jing Xu, Tauseef Israr, Geri Georg, Robert France, James M. Bieman, Siv Hilde Houmb, Jan Jurjens, Performance Analysis of Security Aspects by Weaving Scenarios Extracted from UML Models, The Journal of Systems & Software.
  • Sten Lundesgaard, Arnor Solberg, Jon Oldevik, Robert France, Jan Oyvind Aagedal, Frank Eliassen, Construction and Execution of Adaptable Applications Using an Aspect- Oriented and Model Driven Approach, IFIP DAIS 2007, LNCS 4531, 76-89, 2007. pdf (pre-publication draft)
  • R. France, F. Fleurey, R. Reddy, B. Baudry, and S. Ghosh, Providing Support for Model Composition in Metamodels. Proceedings of EDOC 2007, Annapolis, MD, USA, October 2007. pdf (pre-publication draft)
  • F. Fleurey, B. Baudry, R. France, and S. Ghosh, A Generic Approach For Automatic Model Composition, Proceedings of Aspect Oriented Modeling (AOM) Workshop associated to MoDELS'07, Nashville, TN, USA, 2007.
  • D. Simmonds, A. Solberg, R. Reddy, R. France, and S. Ghosh, 2006, Developing Service-Oriented Systems Using an Aspect-Oriented Model Driven Framework, International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems, Special Issue on Enterprise Distributed Object Computing (EDOC).
  • Sudipto Ghosh, Robert France, Devon Simmonds, Abhijit Bare, Brahmila Kamalakar, RoopashreeP. Shankar, Gagan Tandon, Peter Vile, Shuxin Yin, A Middleware Transparent Approach to Developing Distributed Applications, Software Practice and Experience, Vol. 35, May 2005, 1131-1154.
  • Y. R. Reddy, S. Ghosh, R. France, G. Straw, J. Bieman, N. McEachen, E. Song, and G. Georg, Directives for Composing Aspect-Oriented Design Class Models, Transactions on Aspect-Oriented Software Development (TAOSD), LNCS 3880, 75-105. pdf (pre-publication draft)
  • Benoit Baudry, Franck Fleurey, Robert France, Raghu Reddy, Exploring the Relationship between Model Composition and Model Transformation, MoDELS 2005 Aspect-Oriented Modeling Workshop, October 2005, Jamaica.
  • D. Simmonds, A. Solberg, R. Reddy, R. B. France, and S. Ghosh, An Aspect Oriented Model Driven Framework, Proceedings of the 9th International Enterprise Distributed Object Computing Conference (EDOC 2005), Enschede, The Netherlands, September 19-23, 2005. pdf (pre-publication draft)
  • Robert France, Indrakshi Ray, Geri Georg, Sudipto Ghosh, An Aspect-Oriented Approach to Design Modeling, IEE Proceedings - Software, Special Issue on Early Aspects: Aspect-Oriented Requirements Engineering and Architecture Design, Vol. 151, No. 4, August 2004, 173-185. pdf (pre-publication draft)

Selected papers on analyzing models

  • Lijun Yu, Robert France, Indrakshi Ray, Scenario-based Static Analysis of UML Behavioral Properties, Proceedings of MODELS, 2008.
  • S. Hilde Houmb, G. Georg, J. Jurjens, and R. France, An Integrated Security Verification and Security Design Trade-off Analysis Approach, Chapter in Integrating Security and Software Engineering, editors Dr. Mouratidis and Dr. Giorgini, Idea Group Inc.
  • Orest Pilskalns, Anneliese Andrews, Andrew Knight, Sudipto Ghosh, Robert France, Testing UML Designs, Information & Software Technology (IST), Elsevier.
  • T. Dinh-Trong, S. Ghosh, and R. B. France, A Systematic Approach to Generate Inputs to Test UML Design Models, Proceedings of the 17th IEEE International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering (ISSRE), Raleigh, North Carolina, 6-10 November 2006.
  • B. Baudry, T. Dinh-Trong, J-M. Mottu, D. Simmonds, R. France, S. Ghosh, F. Fleurey, and Y. Le Traon, Model Transformation Testing Challenges, ECMDA Workshop on Integration of Model-Driven Development and Model Driven Testing, 10-13 July, 2006, Spain. [6]pdf (pre-publication draft)
  • Anneliese Andrews, Robert France, Sudipto Ghosh, Gerald Craig, Test Adequacy Criteria for UML Design Models, Journal of Software Testing, Verification and Reliability, Vol. 13, No. 2, April-June 2003, 95-127.
  • Meta-Modelling Semantics of UML Andy Evans, Robert France, Kevin Lano, Bernhard Rumpe In book: Advances in Formalizing the Semantics of UML, Kluwer, 1999. [7]pdf (pre-publication draft)
  • Incorporating a Formal Design Technique in an Industrial Setting, Robert B. France, Robert Busser, Maha Boughdadi in Proceedings of The Ninth International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering (ISSRE98), IEEE Press. [8]Postscript (pre-publication draft)
  • Transforming UML models to formal specifications, Jean-Michel Bruel, Robert B. France In Proceedings of the OOPSLA'98 Workshop on Formalizing UML: Why? How? [9]Postscript (pre-publication draft)
  • The UML as a Formal Modeling Notation, Robert France, Andy Evans, Kevin Lano, Bernhard Rumpe (the pUML group) In Proceedings of The Unified Modeling Language - Workshop UML'98: Beyond the Notation Jean Bezivin, Pierre-Alain Muller (eds.) Springer Verlag Berlin, LNCS 1618, 1999. [10]pdf (pre-publication draft)
  • Rigorous Object-Oriented Modeling: Integrating Formal and Informal Notations, Robert B. France, Jean-Michel Bruel, Maria M. Larrondo-Petrie, Emmanuel Grant in the Proceedings of the 6th International AMAST Conference, December 1997 [11]Postscript (pre-publication draft)

Selected papers on product lines/feature modeling (Collaborative work with University of Nice, France)

  • Mathieu Acher, Philippe Collet, Philippe Lahire, and Robert France, Separation of Concerns in Feature Modeling, in Proceedings of Aspect-Oriented Software Development (AOSD) 2012.
  • Mathieu Acher, Philippe Collet, Philippe Lahire, and Robert France, 2011, Slicing Feature Models, Proceedings of Automated Software Engineering (ASE), short paper (acceptance rate 22\%), ACM/IEEE, USA, 6-11 November 2011.
  • Mathieu Acher, Philippe Collet, Philippe Lahire, and Robert France, 2011, Decomposing Feature Models: Language, Environment, and Applications, Proceedings of Automated Software Engineering (ASE), demonstration paper, ACM/IEEE, USA, 6-11 November 2011.
  • Mathieu Acher, Philippe Collet, Philippe Lahire, and Robert France, 2011, A Domain-Specific Language for Managing Feature Models, Proceedings of the Symposium on Applied Computing (SAC), Programming Languages Track, ACM, Taiwan, 21-25 March 2011 (Accept Rate: 33\%).
  • Mathieu Acher, Philippe Collet, Philippe Lahire, and Robert France, 2011, Managing Feature Models with FAMILIAR: a Demonstration of the Language and its Tool Support, in Proceedings of the Fifth International Workshop on Variability Modelling of Software-intensive Systems (VaMoS), 27-29 January 2011.