Data warehouse testing

FDA-PBPK project

Model-based regression testing

Higher order mutation

  • Higher order mutation in Java and AspectJ

Fault localization

  • Classifying test cases that coincidentally pass even though the program is faulty
  • Computing suspiciousness scores based on information obtained from the classification

Using cell phones for data entry to a Dengue Decision Support System

Mutation and fault injection testing

  • Mutation of Java objects and concurrent OO software
  • Fault injection testing of Java components using aspect injection

Aspect-oriented software development

  • Dataflow testing of AspectJ programs. Click here for details.
  • Refactoring legacy systems using aspects. Click here for details.
  • Testing during refactoring with aspects
  • Testing aspect-oriented programs (data flow testing, fault injection testing)

Model based software development

  • Testing UML Designs: Click here for details.
  • Aspect-oriented modeling.
  • Middleware transparent software development (MTSD) using the aspect-oriented paradigm: Click here for details.
  • Specifying design patterns using metamodels: Click here for details.

Distributed objects and component-based software development

  • Visualization of test execution
    • Monitoring using remote assertions in Java RMI
    • Conformance checking of run-time information with UML design models
  • Testing component-based software
  • Component comprehension
  • Component selection