Indrajit Ray



Call for Papers (Security Conferences)



Research Interests

My research interests are in the general area of Computer and Network Security and Database Systems. Over the years, my research has spanned the following specific sub areas.

  1. Graph-based security modeling - risk models, optimal security hardening,resiliency 
  2. Trust models - non-binary context sensitive model of trust
  3. Access control models
  4. Security protocols
    1. fair-exchange protocols
    2. access control protocols
    3. protocols for network survivability
    4. authentication protocols
    5. anonymous protocols
    6. secure group communication protocols
    7. voting protocols
    8. secure logging
  5. Privacy
    1. privacy preserving search over encrypted data
    2. micro-data disclosure control
    3. privacy preserving protocols, and
    4. location privacy
  6. Data and applications security
    1. Security of smart grids
    2. MLS transaction processing
    3. Pervasive computing security
  7. Understanding human factors in security
  8. Digital forensics

Other areas of interest include Computer Networks, Advanced Transaction Models and Architectures, Workflows, Distributed Database Systems and E-commerce.