Adele Howe
Office: 446 CS Building

Jaime Ruiz
Office: 464 CS Building

Class Time and Place:
Monday 12:00pm-2:00pm. AI Lab

Researchers need to keep up on the literature in their area. Their interests persist over long periods of time but their information needs morph as they read papers and conduct their own research projects. Often they share documents with colleagues, either informally via email or formally via portals such as citeulike. Although researchers employ a variety of tools (search engines, digests, alerts, bib tools, etc.), it is difficult to find one that incorporates all of the capabilities.

We have been developing a computational framework to allow researchers to find, rate and organize documents by their own topics as well as follow topics from colleagues. The framework supports refining and learning about topics and maintaining a personal repository.

The CS793 will focus on extending the capabilities of this framework by reading relevant literature and constructing and evaluating new components for it. Some components of interest are:

  • query reformulation
  • adaptive user interfaces
  • document collaborative filtering
  • information extraction/Named Entity Recognition from research papers
  • Document organization
  • repository and topic visualization
  • topic discovery

The goal will be one or more conference papers in areas of artificial intelligence and human computer interaction.

Please contact Adele Howe or Jaime Ruiz if you are interested in participating. We will set up a meeting time and list of topics based on interests of participants.