We have organized two competitions using the Point-and-Shoot Challenge. Both are now complete and Results are posted. For archival purposes, summaries of these competitions along with links to specific information regarding each competition is being left up.

Logo for the IEEE 2015 Face and Gesture Recognition Conference

FG 2015 Video Person Recognition Evaluation

This competition will address the problem of recognizing individuals in videos. The individuals in the videos are carrying out actions such as picking up an object or blowing bubbles; they are observed by the camera, but the camera is not the individuals' center of attention. The evaluation emphasizes complicating factors in video taken by people using common handheld devices in everyday settings. As a control, it also includes video acquired from a tripod mounted high quality camera. It is assumed most approaches will emphasize face recognition, but in general all or most of the people are in full view and innovative approaches may use visual cues beyond just the face.

This competition was completed on November 14th 2014.

Logo for the IJCV 2014 conference

IJCB 2014 Handeld Video Face and Person Recognition Competition.

This competition addresses the problem of recognizing individuals in videos captured using handheld cameras using the PaSC handheld video data. There are two experiments. The first involves comparing a new (query) video to stored videos (targets). The second involves comparing a new (query) video to still images.

This competition was completed on May 20th 2014.

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