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Dr. Darrell WhitleyGreetings from the Department of Computer Science! I would like to share with you just a few of our activities from this past semester. more...

Congratulations to our 2005-2006 scholarship recipients:

 Scott M. Lundberg:  Patricia Mohilner Memorial Scholarship for academic excellence in Computer Science.

Benson Joeris and Gary Lyman:  Thomas J. Heidenfelder Scholarship for service and academic achievement in Computer Science.

Robert France, International Planning Visits: Collaborative Research on Model Driven Development, NSF.

Daniel Massey, Monitoring and Verification of DNS Security Deployment, DOD-USAF.

Many thanks to Hewlett-Packard for helping us acquire 22 new XW4300 workstations for our HP classroom!
Dr. Asa Ben-HurCongratulations to Dr. Asa Ben-Hur, who was a Keynote Speaker at the 3rd Annual Rocky Mountain Regional Bioinformatics Conference.  The conference was held in Aspen/Snowmass, Colorado and was sponsored by the International Society for Computational Biology (ISCB).

About 30 students have declared our new major in Applied Computing Technology (ACT), which became available this fall. We offer the ACT degree in Computing Technology and Computing Education.  More information and program details can be found here

Industrial Advisory Board
The department held its Annual Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) meeting on October 7.  The Board facilitates our communication and collaboration with industry and also provides practical suggestions and assessment of our educational efforts. For more information about our IAB, click here.

road sign photo

Dr. Bruce Draper will be on sabbatical this spring as a visiting scholar in the Psychology Department at Harvard.  He will be working with Prof. Stephen Kosslyn on a project funded by phase 1 of the DARPA Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architecture (BICA) project.

Fritz Sieker is joining us this spring as a temporary instructor for CS370.

We are currently searching for another new faculty member to join the department next year.  This hire will bring our number of faculty up to 19.

Ross McConnell, Charlie Ross, and Wim Bohm

Charlie Ross was awarded the 2005-2006 Anita Read Graduate Award for dedication to education and excellence in teaching.

Dr. Bruce Draper and Elaine Regelson were honored by Students and Leaders in Science as Outstanding Mentors in the Field of Computer Science.  The awards ceremony was held on December 7.

Kyriakos Chatzidimitriou CS graduate student Kyriakos Chatzidimitriou and team Mertacor won 3rd place in the Supply Chain Management (SCM) game at the international Trading Agent Competition (TAC).  The competition is an annual event held in conjunction with major AI conferences like AAMAS and IJCAI. This year, Kyriakos was co-designer and co-developer of the agent. The other members of the team were from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

acm news

The ACM had a great fall semester! Our proudest events included the annual CS Department/ACM picnic and softball game. Students and teachers met to eat burgers grilled by Ross Beveridge. This year, for the first time ever, the graduate students and faculty beat the undergrads in the softball game!

Computer Science Jeopardy
ACM also hosted Computer Science Jeopardy, sponsored by OCI. Thirty students on 10 different teams and many spectators showed up. The Rams team, consisting of Barve Saurabh, Tejkiran Balijepalli, and Prakash Subramanian won, and each took home and IPod as first prize.

The ACM meets weekly to discuss many topics ranging from programming to job skills. We had 35 members this semester and look forward to even greater participation in the future. More information on our ACM Club is available here.
The department is working hard to grow its scholarships and fellowships. We now have almost $200,000 in our undergraduate student scholarship funds. And we are working to build fellowships to provide summer funding for graduate students.

"BMAC" stands for Barney's Monday Afternoon Club.  It is a seminar series the department offers, in cooperation with ISTeC, to anyone interested in computer science.  The series was named after its creator, Barney Marschner, one of our past department chairs. For information about upcoming BMAC lectures, click here.

Fall 2005

Doctor of Philosophy

Laura V. Barbulescu
, Analyses of Algorithm Performance for an Oversubscribed Scheduling Problem. Dr. Barbulescu is currently doing postdoctoral work at Carnegie Mellon.

Robert E. Rinker, Compiling Dataflow Graphs into Hardware. Dr. Rinker is an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Idaho.

Gabriel L. Somlo, Agents for Personalized Client-Side Information Gathering from the Web.  Dr. Somlo is a network engineer for Carnegie Mellon University's computing services.

Master of Science

Charumathi Chandrasekaran
Jason L. Connor
Nilesh R. Kawane
Dae Gon Kim
Kyle R. Kolander
Mark C. Roberts
Alodeep Sanyal
Vidya Waykole
Yajie Zhu

Master of Computer Science

Priti M. Ajgaonkar
Michael Higginbotham
Shefali S. Joshi
Matthew S. Leinhos
Shaji K. Madathil
Nicholas H. Meier
Saravanan Sellappa
Barry S. Siegel
Binu V. Thayamkery
Peter M. Vile
Huixia Wang
Lingzhi Yang

ISTeC High School Day
In November, the department helped sponsor ISTeC High School Day.  The full day event was aimed at introducing high school students, counselors, and advisors from across the state to IS&T careers and educational opportunities at CSU. For more information about ISTeC, please click here.
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