The lab

Current Students

  • Michael Hamilton (PhD)
  • Fahad Ullah (PhD)
  • Basir Shariat (PhD)
  • Gareth Halladay (MS)
  • Jonathon Byrd (MS)
  • Don Neumann (UG)


  • Alex Fout (MS). Alex is not pursuing a PhD in statistics at CSU.
  • Swapnil Sneham (MS). Swapnil is now at Ancestry.
  • Indika Kahanda (PhD) - Indika is at the computer science department at Montana State University in Bozeman.
  • Fayyaz Minhas (PhD). Now at the Department of Computer & Information Sciences (DCIS) in the Pakistan Institute of Engineering & Applied Sciences.
  • Mark Rogers (PhD). Mark is now doing a postdoc in the University of Bristol.
  • Artem Sokolov (PhD). Artem is Director of Informatics and Modeling at the Laboratory of Systems Pharmacology at the Harvard Medical School.
  • Todd Iverson (PhD in statistics). Professor at the department of mathematics and statistics at Saint Mary’s University.
  • Kiley Graim (MS). Now doing a PhD at UC Santa Cruz.
  • Adam Labadorf (MS). Got his PhD from Boston University with Rick Myers. Now director of the BU bioinformatics hub.
  • Jeremy Hyrkas (undergraduate research). Got his PhD at the University of Washington with Bill Howe.

Snow-shoeing during thanksgiving week 2014. In the picture: Mike, Basir, Fahad, and Asa; behind the camera: Indika.


A picture from a hike to the reservoir-ridge trail. From left to right: Indika, Mike, Mark, and Fayyaz.

Here are some pictures from a group hike to red mountain open space.