CS518 2007


General Information






  1. Characterization of distributed systems
    • Introduction and examples of distributed systems
    • System models: architectural models and fundamental models
  2. Distributed objects and remote method invocation
    • Middleware and infrastructure
    • Remote method calls
    • External data representation and marshalling
    • Remote events and notifications
    • Detailed Java RMI case study and assignment
    • Articles on CORBA and Jini
  3. Component-based development
    • Using UML for component-based design and assignment
    • JavaBeans case study
    • Enterprise Java Beans case study - optional assignment (either this or SOA);
    • Articles on CORBA component model
  4. Service-oriented architectures
    • Characteristics of SOAs
    • Introduction to web services
    • J2EE based web services study - optional assignment (either this or EJB)
  5. Aspect-oriented software development
    • Implementing crosscutting concerns using AspectJ (logging, security)
    • Articles on aspect oriented modeling
    • AspectJ assignment
  6. Design patterns for distributed applications
  7. Other topics
    • Model driven engineering
    • OSGi
    • Spring framework

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