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Unix Information RamCT Information
Eclipse Information Java Information
Other Languages ACNS Logins/eIDs
Helpful Animations Department Information

Table of Contents

  Basic UNIX Commands
  An outside link to "Linux in ten commands"
    UNIX Editors  
  Basic vi Commands
  Basic Emacs Commands
  Basic Pico Commands
    UNIX Electonic Mail  
  Electronic Mail Etiquette
  Basic mail Commands
  Basic elm Commands
  Basic Pine Commands
    UNIX Utilities  
  Basic FTP Commands
  Basic tar Commands
  Basic RCS Commands
  A Tutorial on make (as a PDF file)
  Help for Using RamCT
  How to Submit Assignments via RamCT
  How to Enter Command Line Arguments for Eclipse
  Downloading Eclipse for Your Home Machine
  Basic Java Information
  Basic Java Commands in DOS
  Possible Java Path Problems in DOS
  Basic Java Commands in Unix
  More on Basic Java Commands in Unix
  Common Java Error Messages
  Where to Find Java's J2SE
  Sun's Java Documentation
Other Programming Languages
  Hints for Using C++
  Running Allegro Common Lisp
  Running Allegro Common Lisp within Emacs
  Useful Information for SML
Helpful Animations (some need improvement)
Other CS Department Information
  Software Available on the CS Machines
  Machines Available in the Department
  FAQ: Commonly Asked Questions
ACNS eIDs, Holly and Lamar Accounts
  How to Obtain a CSU Electronic ID (eID)
  How to Obtain a Holly or Lamar Account
  How To Forward Your Holly Email To Another Mail Server

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