Meeting Minutes 10/2/15

We discussed upcoming events:

  • “How to Work for Anyone” seminar presented by Laura Adams
  • Possible talk by EPIC
  • Workshop with Theresa Wellington from Google
  • Poudre River Public Library presentations
    • October 10th: Sarah, Megan, Tori
    • December 5th: Sarah, Grace, Courtney
  • HP Panel
  • Day of Lectures at Lakeview High School
  • Hangouts talk from ACM-W Berkley Graduate
  • Social event: fun move night in late October (date TBD)

Scholarship opportunities (to be posted to the news feed):

  • Anita Borg Scholarship
  • Generation Google

IAB presentation (request for funding):

  • Tutoring
  • Workshops
  • Student Guidance support
  • Cover conferences expenses
  • Independent study
  • Big name guest speakers
  • Larger lecture halls
  • Hackathons
  • Better outreach programs
  • Tours for incoming/prospective freshman

Meeting Minutes 9/18/15

We discussed upcoming events:

  • Possible technical writing talk by EPIC
  • Possible talk by Laura Adams about moving from academia to industry
  • Adele Howe is hoping to talk with GTAs and professors about preventing sexual harassment within the department

Next week’s meeting is cancelled


  • We need to re-register as a student organization
  • We are hoping to co-host some events with the ACM
  • We should set up a business account at 1st National Bank
  • We plan to organize virtual talks with people who are not local
  • We might set up a newsfeed with current job opportunities

Meeting Minutes November 19, 2014

We discussed ideas for events and activities, including:


  • Linux scripting
  • Source control
  • Career
    • Technical Interviews
  • Seminar
  • Mock technical interview


  • Greely robotics club
  • Talk to department heads in math or science at local schools to ddo in-class demonstrations
    • High school AP computer science class
  • MST (Math, Science, and Technology) Day at CSU
    • Scratch programming
  • Girls who code
  • Girl scout troops


  • Study groups or tutoring
  • Presentation feedback

Other Suggestions

  • Competitions
  • Hashdump security club
  • Women who hack
  • Special programs for freshman
    • Before classes start
  • Fun activity around finals/midterms weeks
    • Movie / board game night
  • Open activities to non-cs-majors
  • Give opportunities for women to give technical presentations to mixed audiences
  • Participate in Women Who Code and/or SWE