Meeting Minutes 12/4/15


  • Postponing officer elections until next week
  • Nominating Grace for the position of vice chair
  • Sarah, Courtney, and Chris visited Lincoln Elementary to give tech talk
  • 12/5/15 Outreach at Poudre Public Library
  • Next Friday, Joe Walkuski will be giving a talk

Meeting Minutes 11/20/15


  • Officer elections will be on Dec 4th
    1. Will be sending email out
    2. New officers will start in January
  • New Doodle poll for meeting times will be needed after elections


  • Joe Walkuski will be giving a presentation on Dec 11.
    1. Will talk about how he got into computer science
    2. Need to have Russ Wakefield make an announcement
  • On Dec 5th, we will be giving a presentation to Poudre School District
  • HP would like to get an event going

Meeting Minutes 11/13/15


  • Only three more ACMW meetings this semester
  • Midterm elections will be coming up soon
  • Sarah obtained list of scholarship info for women
  • Wednesday, Dec 18th will be our social event


  • On Dec 5th, we will be giving a tech talk to kids at Poudre Valley Library
  • Owner of Lyric Cinema wants to host code girl documentary
  • Caryl Lang at HP hosting event on Dec 12th

Meeting Minutes 11/6/15


  • Doodle poll for event day is up
    1. Open to everyone, but members decide when
    2. Game night, movies, pizza
      1. Week before Thanksgiving
  • Tori will be attending the Slice Officer Meeting
    1. From 11-12 on Monday, Nov 9th, LSC 312
    2. Meeting notes from this meeting need to be printed with a CSU letter head. This will allow us to get a bank account.


  • Sarah has a phone call with Joe Walkuski

Other Stuff

  • Some faculty would like to attend meetings
  • Monthly PotLuck
    1. Tea during meetings?
  • Elaine Regelson would like to setup women’s tea event
    1. Open to everyone
  • Check out code girl documentary
  • Indrashi Ray would like to speak with the Dean of the department about the current state of the computer science department

Meeting Minutes 10/30/15


  • Indrakshi Ray will be working to get us funding
  • Our club bank account will be setup on Monday or Tuesday


  • We would like to obtain a list of things to present to Darrel and the Dean about the climate of the department
  • Mock Interviews will be Monday with Epic
  • Social event will be week before Thanksgiving

Meeting Minutes 10/16/15

Vice-Chair Megan Hofmann lead the meeting.
We discussed the following topics:

– There will be a Cardboard workshop on 10/21/15. An RSVP is required.
– This past Wednesday, four ACM-W members attended an HP event and gave ideas about how the company can make itself more accessible to students.
– It was suggested that we have joint social events with businesses and corporations.
– We are in the process of setting up a bank account.
– Next Friday, members will be giving presentations about computer science to students at Lakewood High School.
– We discussed having more joint events with the ACM.
– We will be setting up a separate mailing list for active members so as not to overwhelm casual subscribers with event planning details.

Meeting Minutes 10/9/15


  • Total Benchmark Solutions
    1. Wants to be known for supporting women in computer science
    2. Would like to provide scholarships/donations
  • Coding For Kids
    1. Next event will be in December
    2. 25 fourth graders
  • Theresa Wellington (Google)
    1. CSU alumni
    2. Cardboard workshop
    3. RSVP
      • Fill out Doodle poll
  • Arrow Electronics
      Interested in hiring
  • Hackathon
  • ACMW Social Event
    1. Fill out Doodle poll
  • Lakewood Visit
    1. Two weeks from now (20th, 21st, 23rd)
    2. Need three people for each day
  • Tori Mitchell is our new public relations officer

CRA-W 2016 Grad Cohort Conference

The 2016 CRA-W Grad Cohort Workshop will be held at the Hilton San Diego Bay Front in San Diego, California on April 15-16, 2016.

The CRA-W Grad Cohort program, initiated in 2004, is generously funded by sponsors from industry, academia, the National Science Foundation, and the computing community. Grad Cohort aims to increase the ranks of senior women in computing by building and mentoring nationwide communities of women through their graduate studies.

At the Grad Cohort Workshop, we welcome women graduate students in their first three years of graduate school into the community of computing researchers and professionals.

Participants will meet for two days with 20 to 25 senior computing researchers and professionals, who will share pertinent information on graduate school survival skills, as well as more personal information and insights about their experiences. The rewards of a research career will be emphasized. The workshop will include a mix of formal presentations and informal discussions and social events. Through this workshop, students will be able to build mentoring relationships and develop peer networks that will form the basis for ongoing activities during their graduate careers.

Reasonable travel expenses, meals, and lodging will be provided for students chosen to participate in this program.

For questions about the Grad Cohort program, please write to

More information and application:

Meeting Minutes 9/18/15

We discussed upcoming events:

  • Possible technical writing talk by EPIC
  • Possible talk by Laura Adams about moving from academia to industry
  • Adele Howe is hoping to talk with GTAs and professors about preventing sexual harassment within the department

Next week’s meeting is cancelled


  • We need to re-register as a student organization
  • We are hoping to co-host some events with the ACM
  • We should set up a business account at 1st National Bank
  • We plan to organize virtual talks with people who are not local
  • We might set up a newsfeed with current job opportunities