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Your Final Project Report

Your final project notebook should include the following sections. Your report does not have to exactly follow this, and feel free to add additional material, such as summaries of research articles you found interesting. Consider this outline as the minimum content for your reports.

  • Title of your project
  • Your name or names if a group project
  • A summary paragraph stating briefly what you did, including a very brief description of the data and the machine learning algorithm(s) you applied, and your results.
  • An Introduction section, mentioning the data and the machine learning approach, and why you are interested in this.
  • A Methods section that fully specifies the source of the data, the number of samples and attributes, and defines the attributes and target values. This section should also define the machine learning algorithms you used, include the source of the code, the implementation, and descriptions in text of the algorithm and its implementation. Also define the experiments you ran and why.
  • A Results section that shows your main result. You may have other results in the methods section, such as results of exploring different parameter values. Include observations about your results.
  • A Conclusion section summarizing again what you did, what you conclude based on your results, and what you learned. You can also summarize any difficulties you ran into and how you overcame them.

Your grade will be based on your effort, judged by what you report in your notebook. The amount of effort should be about twice the amount of effort you invested on the course assignments, on average. Projects by teams of two must be double this amount, and teams of three must be triple this amount. So, be sure you describe all of the steps you took in completing your project. For group projects, remember to fully define what each team member did.

Your grade will also be based on how well your notebook is organized by sections, and the clarify of what you write. Be sure you check your spelling.

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