CS156: Intro to C, Part I

Spring 2018



When is Homework Due?

The Schedule page tells you when each assignment is due. You may turn it in late for one point off. After that, late homework will only be accepted for reasons and documentation in compliance with CSU guidelines.

If you have a scheduling conflict that you regard as a valid excuse (jury duty, ROTC, marching band, etc.), then work with me in advance. I’m much less receptive when the homework is already late.

Links to the individual homework assignments are on the tab bar above.

Your Homework Must Compile

If your homework doesn’t compile without errors, then you get zero for the assignment. Yes, ZERO, just as if you didn’t do it at all. Make really sure that your homework compiles. If you just can’t get part of your code to compile, and it’s too late to get help, then make it a comment—you might get some credit for that.

We will test your homework using c11 on Linux. You are not required to develop your code using c11, but that’s a good way to ensure that it works with c11. If, for example, you develop your code using Microsoft Visible Stegosaurus 98.6, and you accidentally use a Microsoft-only extension to C, then it won’t compile with c11, and you will be graded appropriately.

Things to keep in mind:

All assignments are to be submitted electronically and are automatically time stamped, so we know when files were submitted. Logs are kept of everything, so if you try to submit files and it does not work correctly, we can look at the logs to help identify the problems.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have submitted all the files that are required for each assignment. All files you submit should be named appropriately. If you fail to submit homework, we can’t grade it, you get a zero for the assignment.

You can submit the same file as many times as you like. The system will keep every copy, but only the most recent will be graded. If, for some reason, you want an older version to be graded, let us know.

The system will let you check in any file at all, whether it is a text file, or an executable, or a jpeg, or a video game, or a ... you get the idea ... so be careful what you submit!

The system will NOT alter your copy of the file being submitted. It will just send a duplicate of it for grading. Don’t worry about it harming your files—it won’t.

Every assignment has three dates associated with it:

Assigned date
If you try to submit a file before it’s assigned, the checkin program won’t let you. This is so your beleaguered instructor can change the assignments to match how the class is doing.
Due Date
The checkin program will remind you of the due date of an assignment when you submit it. If you are before the due date, it will let you know how much longer you have to re-sumbit a newer version before the due date. If you are after the due date, it will let you know that the assignment is late. Hopefully you will still get some partial credit.
Drop Dead Date
The date after which the homework will not be accepted. The checkin program will simply not let you submit after this date. After this date, there is no partial credit. Sorry! However, if you would like feedback on your homework after the drop dead date, you can email the homework to the TA and the TA will give you feedback on how you did (but no grade!)

How do I actually do it?

Use either Linux Checkin.

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