CS156: Intro to C, Part I

Spring 2018


CS 156 Registration

Students sometime have problems registering for CS 156. CS 156 has two prerequisites (requirements):

CS 155

You must get at least a D- (high standards, indeed) in CS 155 to take CS 156. If you get an F in CS 155, then you can’t take CS 156. After we grade the CS 155 final exams and compute CS 155 grades, we will drop you from CS 156 if you failed CS 155. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen until a few days into CS 156, so students who may have failed CS 155 have to endure a CS 156 class or two before they know if they’re eligible to continue with CS 156.

Concurrent Registration

CS 155, CS 156, and CS157 are taught one after the other. CS155 is the first five weeks of the semester, CS156 is the second five weeks, and CS157 is the last five weeks of the semester.

What does “or concurrent registration” mean? “Concurrent” means “at the same time”. “Concurrent registration” means that you can register for both CS 155 and CS 156 at the same time. You don’t have to finish CS 155 before you register for CS 156. If you’ve registered for CS 155, then you can register for CS 156, even if you haven’t taken CS 155 yet.

MATH 118

This means that you have to finish MATH 118 before you can start CS 155. This means exactly MATH 118—not any other math course. If you took an equivalent Algebra II class in high school, that’s great, but the registration computer doesn’t recognize that as being good enough. Similarly, if you persuaded the Math department to let you skip MATH 118 and go directly to MATH 987, good for you, but the registration computer doesn’t recognize that as satisfying the requirement.

So What Do I Do?

Say, for example, that you’ve taken a math course that’s much better than MATH 118, and you’d like to register for CS 156. To do that, send email to the CS 156 instructor, asking for an override. Make sure to mention in your email:


You might send something like this to the course instructor:

Dear CS 156 Instructor,

I am Max Q. Student (CSUID 812345678). I’m trying to register for CS 156 this Fall, but I can’t, because I didn’t take MATH 118. However, I’m a Math major, and so I’ve taken MATH 789, which covers everything that MATH 118 does, and more. May I please have an override so that I can register for CS 156?

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