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CS 163/4: Java Programming (CS 1)
Computer Science


Practical Assignments

You will have a limited number of practical assignments spread throughout the semester. Each assignment has three parts. Part 1 is a code tracing assignment tied to the provided code in the assignment. Part two is coding related to the assignment. This coding is often much harder than the labs. The last part is a written reflection component. It is important to start early, as each practical assignments are designed to take 2-4 weeks to complete! Remember, to ask for help early and often, by going to the help desk.

Below are each of your practicals.

Rubber Duck for Debugging?

Often the best thing you can do is explain what you are attempting to do to a friend. In the process of explaining it, you usually figure out your errors, and it helps give you a direction to go from there.

Sometimes in companies, this can be a time-cost for other developers so thus the introduction of a Rubber Duck for testing. This gives you an object for you to talk to just like you would a friend. The object doesn’t have to give feedback (just like a friend doesn’t), but instead, the process of talking through the code out loud will often provide insights into both development and errors.

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CS 163/4: Java Programming (CS 1)

Computer Programming in Java: Topics include variables, assignment, expressions, operators, booleans, conditionals, characters and strings, control loops, arrays, objects and classes, file input/output, interfaces, recursion, inheritance, and sorting.