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Algorithms and Data Structures 2012

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Final Exam: May 10, 11:50AM ~ 1:50PM (ENG120) Spring 2012 Final Exam Schedule
Final Exam Preparation Toolkit is available (here)

Programming Assignment 5 is available (here) -- posted April 23 Due on May 3
Written Assignment 5 is available (here) -- posted April 20 Due on April 30
Written Assignment 4 is available (here) -- posted April 6 Due on April13
Programming Assignment 4 is available (here) -- posted April 3 Due on April 19 2:00PM
Programming Assignment 3 is available (here) -- posted March 18 Due on March 27 2:00PM
Written Assignment 3 is available. (pdf file)-- posted March. 9 Due on March 21
Programming Assignment 2 is available (here) -- posted Feb. 24 Due on March 8 2:00 PM -- Last modified: March 2.
Special Talk: Succesful Team Programming, by Elaine Regelson In the class (Feb, 20) [Slides] -- posted Feb, 20
Written Assignment 2 is available. (pdf file)-- posted Feb. 6
Programming Assignment 1 is available (here) -- posted Jan. 25
Written Assignment 1 is available. (pdf file)-- posted Jan. 23

Course Description
CS200 revisits and extends the principles of programming and discrete math concepts that are introduced in CS161 and applies them to the development, analysis and implementation of data structures and efficient software. The course is taught using the Java Programming Language and an Object Oriented approach to data structures and algorithms. Specific topics in data structures/algorithms include advanced sorting, queues, stacks, hashing, trees, and graphs. Advanced topics from theory include complexity analysis, relations, trees and graphs. The course requires more comprehensive programing than CS161.

Instructor: Sangmi Lee Pallicakra
Office: CSB Room 456
Office Hours: Monday 3:00 ~ 5:00 PM
Email: sangmi (at cs dot colostate dot edu)
Tel: +1.970.492.4153
Fax: +1.970.491.2466

Lecture Times and Location
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 2:00 ~ 2:50 PM
Engineering, Room 120

Recitation Times and Locations
Session 1: Monday 11:00 AM ~ 12:40 PM, CSB 225
Session 2: Tuesday 2:00 PM ~ 3:40 PM, CSB 225
Session 3: Thursday 2:00 PM ~ 3:40 PM, CSB 225
Session 4: Wednesday Noon ~ 1:40 PM, CSB225

Teaching Assistant
Keegan Patmore
Office Hours: Tuesday 4:00 ~ 6:00 PM and Thursday Noon ~ 2:00 PM (at CS120)
Email: cs200 (at cs dot colostate dot edu)