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Python and Machine Learning resources

ML open source software and data

Learning about what's new and exciting in ML

  • KDnuggets - Big Data, Data Mining, Data Science, and Machine Learning Resources
  • Are we there yet? recent progress on challenging computer vision datasets.


Resources for learning python

Python resources

Python on ...

... MS Windows

... Macs

numpy, matplotlib, scipy, matplotlib


Lots of tutorials and quick starts out there:

Tools for LaTex

There are specific editors and GUI programs to help you with LaTex (e.g. texmaker, lyx, and kile for linux, which are installed on CS machines, and miktex for windows). Personally, I either do things at the commandline and using emacs/aquamacs or use Overleaf.

Remote Access to CS Department Machines

See the Remote Access page department wiki.


Machine Learning Societies, Journals and Conferences

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