No late assignments accepted

There will be five assignments, two of them programming (PA1 & PA2), and the other two, paper-and-pencil exercises (WA!, WA2, and WA3).

Programming Assignments (PA1 & PA2)

The two PAs, each worth 10 points, are intended to take you one step beyond the last assignment in CS475, respectively, in OpenMP and in CUDA. However, if you have not previously taken CS 475 you may optionally do (for a 2-point penalty) both programming assignments for a single target platform. In this case, you will do a series of warmup assignemtns from the CS475 set, so that eventually you do either PA1 or PA2. You should pick the target platform that leads to your term project. Please remember, that in addition to the 2-point penalty, this option entails extra work.

All assignments must be submitted through the Checkin tab. The system accepts a single file, so multiple files will have to be tar-ed up. For written assignments, the submitted file may be scanned in with a scanner/photocopier, or from a camera, but the final file must be in pdf format. Assignments are due as posted.