This page has the entire plan for the semester. For weeks in the future, consider it a plan subject to change. For weeks in the past, it is a record of what we have done. As for the current week, keep a watch for updates and changes. The schedule below is tentative and will be tweaked as we go along in the semester. There are three main components (columns): Lectures (and the notes), weekly assignments, and readings. The video of the lectures is available here.

Month Day Week Lecture Reading Assignment
Posted Due
Jan 16 Tue 1 Introduction and Context, Background & Expectations (slides)      
18 Thu Algorithms and Complexity Analysis Review (Wim's F17 slides) handout
23 Tue 2 PRAM Model and Algorithms (slides) background CLR Ch30
25 Thu
30 Tue 3
Feb 1 Thu Machine Models (slides) Chs 1 & 2 PA1
6 Tue 4
8 Thu Interconnection Networks and Communication (slides) Ch 4  
13 Tue 5  
15 Thu WA2 WA2
20 Tue 6
22 Thu Speedup & Efficiency (slides) Plotting (slides)
Iso-efficiency and scalable systems [rescheduled Monday class] (slides)
Ch 5
26 Mon 7
27 Tue WA3
Mar 1 Thu Roofline (slides by author; see also the first few slides here for motivation) CACM09 WA3
6 Tue 8 Sanjay travelling (make-up done on Mon Feb 26)    
8 Thu
13 Tue 9 Spring break (no classes) PA1 & PA2
15 Thu
20 Tue 10 Roofline (slides by author; see also the first few slides here for motivation) CACM09
22 Thu Review, Mock midterm & Take-home midterm (posted Friday, due Monday)
27 Tue 11 Midterm Review, Term Projects revisited TBD PR1
29 Thu
Apr 3 Tue 12 Dense linear algebra: LU decomposition, Gaussian elimination Ch 8
5 Thu
10 Tue 13
12 Thu HW4 HW4
17 Tue 14 Prefix Sums & Scans on CPUs and GPUs  
19 Thu Dynamic Programming Ch 12
24 Tue 15
26 Thu Fast Fourier Transform Ch 10
May 1 Tue 16
3 Thu Final Exam Review    
11 Mon 17 Final Project due (5:00 pm deadline) Report