Indrajit Ray
Office: 344 CS Building

CS 793 is a research seminar in which graduate students attend research group meetings for specific research areas within the Department of Computer Science, and work one-on-one with a faculty member to conduct research in a specific area of computer science. Students will conduct independent research on a topic chosen in consultation with the instructing faculty member, learning research methods and producing a peer-reviewed paper and research poster to be presented at a symposium at the end of the semester. Papers will be reviewed before presentation by at least two other individuals chosen in consultation with the student's instructor, and a panel of faculty will provide input on the quality of the research presented at the research symposium.

In each semester, the research groups participating in CS 793 will be listed as on this website along with the faculty responsible in each case. Students enrolled in CS 793 must take responsibility for contacting one of these groups and then following the specific instructions offered.

Check the seminar/group meetings listing periodically. As of Wednesday August 30 there are 5 distinct research groups included in CS793 (Ross B. 8/30/2017)

The Course Logo is derived from a picture from ShakataGaNai and distributed through Wikimedia Commons.