Schedule of Student Workshop

Tuesday July 13, 1999


8:30-8:40: Opening remarks and panel introduction

Session I: Topics - Artificial Life, Agents

8:40-8:55: "Artificial Life Modelling of Downy Mildew of the Grapevine"
            Joao Carlos Costa, 
            Lab. de Sistemas Evolutivos e Eng. Biomedica, Portugal 

8:55-9:10: "Romero's Pilgrimage to Santa Fe: A Tale of Robot Evolution"
           Christof Teuscher, 
           Logic Systems Laboratory, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology 

9:10-9:25: "Embodiment as Situated Structural Coupling"
            Tom Quick, 
            Intelligent Systems Group, Department of Computer Science,
            University College London, UK 

9:25-9:40: "Modified AntNet: Software Application in the evaluation and
            management of a telecommunication network"
            Marcos Gallego-Schmid, 
            Departamento de Tecnologia Electronica,
            Universidad de Malaga, Spain 

9:40-9:55: "Evolutionary Model for Open Source Software: Economic Impact"
            Asif Khalak, 
            Dept of Mech Eng, MIT, Cambridge, USA

9:55-10:10: "On Modelling the Evolution of Language and Languages"
             Daniel Livingstone, 
             University of Paisley, UK

< COFFEE BREAK: 10:15 - 10:45 >

Session II: Topic - Genetic Programming and DNA Computing

10:45-11:00: "Evolving the Behavior of Collaborating Entities Using Genetic Programming",
              Eduard Lukschandl, 
              Chalmers Technical University, Gothenburg, Sweden

11:00-11:15: "Scientific Discovery Using Genetic Programming"
              Maarten Keijzer,
              Danish Hydraulic Institute, Denmark

11:15-11:30: "Automatic Programming with Grammatical Evolution"
              Michael O'Neill, 
              Dept. of Computer Science & Information Systems, 
              University of Limerick, Ireland.

11:40-11:55:  "Genetic Programming of Wavelet Networks for Time Series Prediction"
              Stuart W. Card, 
              Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 
              Syracuse University 

11:55-12:10: "Java based Distributed Genetic Programming on the Internet"
              Phyllis Chong, 
              School of Computer Science, U. of Birmingham, UK

12:10-12:25: "A Max 1s Problem in DNA Computing via GAs"
	      Eugene V. Antipov, 
              Dept. of Chem Eng and Biochemisty,
	      University of Delaware 

< LUNCH BREAK: 12:30 - 2pm >

Session III: Genetic Algorithms

2:00-2:15:  "Using Genetic Algorithms for Sparse Distributed Memory Initialization"
            Ashraf Anwar, 
            University of Memphis, Tennessee

2:15-2:30: "Genetic Algorithm for the Paratransit Vehicle Routing Problem Using a
            Modified Crossover Operator Based on Adjacency Relations"
            Vinay Karle, 
            North Caroline State University, USA

2:30-2:45: "Evolutionary Algorithm for Structural Optimization"
            Mark Voss, 
            Civil and Environmental Engineering, 
            Marquette University, USA
2:55-3:10: "Sexual vs Asexual Recombination for the Graph Coloring Problem with
            Hybrid Genetic Algorithms"
            Anna Marino, 
            Department of Electronics and Computer Science,
            University of Southampton, UK 

3:10-3:25:  "Discovering Interesting Prediction Rules with a Genetic Algorithm"
            Edgar Noda,
            CEFET-PR, CPGEI,Brazil

3:25-3:40: "Lessons from Nature: The Benefits of Embryology"
            Sanjeev Kumar
            Dept of Computer Science, 
            University College London, UK
< COFFEE BREAK 3:45-4:15 >

Session 4: Evolutionary Hardware, Evolutionary Algorithms

4:15-4:30: "Implementing GA-accelerators using FPGAs"
            Reid Porter, 
            Los Alamos National Lab, USA

4:30-4:45: "A New Evolutionary Hardware Approach for Logic Design"
            Tatiana Kalganova, 
            School of Computing, Napier University, UK

4:55-5:10: "Genetic Encoding of Neural Network Processing and Control"
            Talib Hussain, 
            Dept of Computer Science, Queens University

5:10-5:25: "Evolution and Problem Decomposition"
            Richard Watson, 
            Volen Center for Complex Systems, 
            Brandeis University, USA
5:25-5:40: "Self-tuning Evolutionary System"
            Lucia Sheehan, 
            Dept. of Computer Science & Information Systems,
            University of Limerick, Ireland.
5:40-6:00:  Workshop wrap-up: tally of votes for best presentation and research
                              feedback from panel and students for next year 

With regrets:

"Medical Diagnosis Prediction using Genetic Programming" 
Vili Podgorelec, University of Maribor, Slovenia 

"On Estimation Distribution Algorithms"
Roberto Santana, Center of Mathematics and Theoretical Physics,

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