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Rik Belew and Jean-Arcady Meyer, Artificial Life, Adaptive Behavior, and Agents

Forrest H Bennett III and David Andre, Analog Circuit Design via Genetic Programming

  Erick Cantú-Paz, Analysis, Design, and Implementation of Parallel Genetic and Evolutionary Algorithms 

Lawrence Davis, Real World Applications of Genetic and Evolutionary Computation 

Russell Deaton and Stephen Karl, Introduction to DNA Computing

Kalyanmoy Deb, Messy Genetic Algorithms and Linkage Learning 

Ken DeJong, Evolutionary Computation: Comparing and Contrasting the Different Methodologies

Marco Dorigo, Introduction to Ant Colony Optimization

Stephanie Forrest, Immune System Modeling and Computation 

Tetsuya Higuchi, Evolvable Hardware

John R. Koza, Introduction to Genetic Programming

W. B. Langdon, Genetic Programming Data Structures

Peter Nordin, Machine Code Genetic Programming

  I. C. Parmee, Genetic and Evolutionary Computation in Design

Tom Ray, Tierra Tutorial

Justinian Rosca, Characteristics and Biases of Evolution in GP

Guenter Rudolph, Theory of Evolution Strategies and Evolutionary Programming 

Hans-Paul Schwefel, Introduction to Evolution Strategies 

Moshe Sipper, Cellular Programming 

Lee Spector, Quantum Computation

Leigh Tesfatsion and David McFadzean, Agent-Based Computational Economics 

Michael Vose, Genetic Algorithm Theory 

Darrell Whitley, Genetic Algorithms and Neural Networks 

Stewart Wilson, Classifier Systems