CS Roo has been primarily written by Ross Beveridge starting in 2008 and initially only for his own use. However, starting in 2010 CS Roo was made available to other instructors in CS. It was placed under an SVN folder where others could contribute in 2013.

Since then, significant additional contributions have been made by Chris Wilcox, Jaime Ruiz and Felipe Volpatto. In particular, the authentication system connection to CSU CS department accounts was created by Chris Wilcox. The integration of responsive design was made by Jaime Ruiz. The online editing capaiblity for entries in the Progress Page were made by Felipe Volpatto.

The templates are also being used by Walter Scheirer at the University of Notre Dame: CSE 40567/60567 Computer Security.

As of the Version 3 release in January 2016 it is hoped that this team at CSU will continue to collaborate on improvements. First on the wish list is a table style progress page format option as favored by several instructors at CSU.