Class activities will be recorded here.

In the lectures below are notes designed to introduce the CS Roo templates. When customizing CS Roo these entries will be replaced with material specific to the specific course being supported.

Week 1 : January 14 - January 20
  • Tuesday
    It Begins, A Quick Start Guide to CS Roo
    Here is a short overview of the steps needed to install the CS Roo course templates
    • Including how to structure files.
    • Also how to initialize the progress spreadsheet.
    Overview, A Walk Through a Hello World Page
    An overview of how CS Roo pages are constructed. In particular, a brief introduction to the common elements at the top and bottom of all CS Roo pages.
Week 2 : January 21 - January 27
  • Tuesday
    More about the Progress Spreadsheet
    Information on editing and customizing the progress spreadhseet inlucding as a spreadsheet and also through a web interface.
    Registered Users for a Site
    Reasons to have site specific logins include:
    • Connecting the site to the CSU CS Checking Program.
    • Allowing students to add public notes to published lecture slides.
Week 3 : January 28 - February 3
  • Tuesday
    Slides on a Page and Notes
    CS Roo has a convenient way to display powerpoint slides on a single page where students can add links, suggestions, etc.
    Working Locally and SVN - Daily Workflow
    Daily maintenance of a site gets easier when you:
    • Place the site in an SVN repository.
    • Edit and test on a local (laptop) version and then publish to the CS Department server.
Week 4 : February 4 - February 10
  • Tuesday
    General Context for Public Facing Course Sites
    Many Universities lock all content behind pay walls. This talk from 2012 reviews course website functionality with an eye to what is best made public and what should hidden.
    To Be Determined.