Ross Beveridge
Office: 348 CS Building
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9:00-10:15, Tue, Thur, CSB Room 130
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The CS Roo course template provides a hopefully relatively easy to use set of PHP files customizable for different CS courses at CSU. The paragraph you are reading will be replaced with a one page paragraph overview/description of the course. It then appears both on the course homepage as well as at the top of the course Syllabus. The following concerns shaped the development of this template. First, when one copies the file tree where this site lives the result is a new fully functional and self contained site ready for customization. Second, anyone using this template must enjoy the freedom to work at the level of code, both HTML and PHP. Third, the heart of the website is the developing course progress page, and this is maintained in the form of tab delimeted data file editable using any standard spreadhsheet program.

The documentation on how to use these templates are actually included as a lesson plan under the Progress tab.

Now available, credit where credit is due. (Ross 01-18-16)
Remember: edit config.php then create progress spreadsheet. (Ross 01-16-16)
Now available, Roo Help including a Change Log. (Ross 01-12-16)

The Course Logo is from Morguefile.