Why I show you your IP?

With apologies to those of you already well aware of how public the web is, your IP address is displayed in the lower left corner of this page as a reminder that all web sites you visit know where you are coming from and there is no particular reason to think this information is not commonly recorded. It is also a simple matter using Reverse DNS to associate the IP address with additional information including the name of the machine.

Reverse DNS through ARIN - try it!

Sites you visit also know a fair amount about your browser and operating system. So, for example, you will also see a short message such as:

Your browsing with moz on mac

at the bottom left of this page. This is short hand indicating what our web server thinks about the machine and browser you are using. There are many easy ways to capture this information, here I am using the PHP browser detection function developed by Harald Hope at techpatterns.com.

See what PHP knows about your browser.

IPinfo provies a somewhat more general tool for checking what information you are conveying to the world while browsing.

A good source of information about web privacy in general is the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

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Why tell me this?

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