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Here are a few personal links mostly related to entertainment, dogs and family.

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Family and Colorado
I met my wife, Adele Howe, while studying at the University of Massachusetts. We moved to Fort Collins in 1992 where we both teach in the Computer Science Department. We have two children, Ailish who was born in 1999 and Bryce who was born in 2002.

There is much that can be said in favor of Colorado, including the camping. The picture to the left was taken at Steamboat Lake State Park outside of Steamboat Springs. Each year we try to spend a week at nearby Pearl Lake. Of course, sometimes the wildlife in our backyards gets a bit feisty.

Dusty, our sheltie, running in the snow

Shetland Sheepdogs occupy a special place in my heart. On the left is a picture of our Sheltie Dusty running at fulll speed in a snow storm. We adopted him from Rocky Mountain Collie and Sheltie Rescue in October 2007.

We adopted our first Sheltie Max in 1994 and he died of cancer in 2001. He was a rescue dog who was surrendered by a family in Denver when he was about five years old. Max was a particularly independent and composed Sheltie who was both clever and had a good sense of fun. He would play fetch with himself by rolling a tennis ball down the stairs and then chasing it.

We adopted Tucker in 1997 when his family could no longer keep him and Tucker died with us in the mountains in 2007 at the age of fifteen. Tucker was an extremely earnest dog with an uncanny knack of knowing what you wanted him to do before you knew yourself.

Media photo mashup

Few things amaze me more than the new ways information enters my daily life. As one example, podcasting/netcasting has come into its own, and I now regularly track a variety of podcasts. Perhaps the flagship example where the distinction between entertainment and learning blurs most completely is Security Now with Steve Gibson. This podcast conveys a wealth of information both timely and fundamental related to security and privacy. If you are responsible for a computer that connects to the internet, and that is all of us, it is a fascinating source of useful information. The recent episodes on deep packet inspection by some internet service providers is just one example where the entire technical process was laid out clearly and carefully.

Security Now is part of the TWiT Network run by Leo LaPorte, and the whole network exemplifies how fast the world of electronic communication is changing. A personal challenge for all of us in higher education is to smoothly bring aspects of new media into teaching in a manner which is useful and not stilted.

It is also refreshing to so easily find what was once incredibly obscure. For example check out Wizz Jones if you like good fingerpicking - Blues Run the Game is a particular favorite.

Media photo mashup

Harold Beveridge and Beveridge Loudspeakers
Starting in the 1940s, my father became fascinated by electrostatic loudspeakers and during the 1970s he produced some of the finest loudspeakers in the world. Some more involved in high end audio then myself tell me they are still some of the finest in the world. My brother Rick Beveridge has written a short history of our father's work.

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