Shrideep Pallickara [Systems Software]

  All systems-software, produced as part of my research are placed in the open-source domain. The code-bases for these systems are large involving hundreds of classes and packages. Cumulatively this software encompasses about: 2500 classes and a million lines of code. This system software is both usable and well maintained. This software have been deployed in academic, commercial, and defense domains such as earthquake science, high-energy physics, epidemic modeling, environmental and ecological monitoring, atmospheric sciences, conferencing systems, and brain computer interfaces.

The software for the latest release of the Granules distributed real time stream processing system can be downloaded here. Computations in Granules can be expressed either as Graphs or MapReduce and can be developed in C, C++, C#, Java, Python, and R. The current release includes support for high-dimensional data clustering and classification algorithms, brain computer interfaces, and orchestration of discrete event simulations.

The software for the latest release of the NaradaBrokering software for the scalable dissemination of voluminous streams can be downloaded here. The software includes support for setting up a distributed overlay, specification of subcription queries in SQL, regular expressions, XPath, XQuery, and <tag, value> pairs with wildcard support. Support for reliable mesaging and enterprise standards such as JMS and WS-RM are also included.

The software for the latest release of the Galileo distributed storage framework for multidimensional time-series data can be downloaded here. This release of Galileo includes support for replication, controlled dispersion for search space reductions, and data formats such as netCDF, BUFR, HDF 4/5, and Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP).

The software for the latest release of the Funnel software for autonomous, high-throughput dissemination of streams can be downloaded here. Funnel includes support for decentralized preservation of topologies based on radom, regular, power-law, and small-world graphs.

The software for the latest release of the Spindle software for deploying applications into IaaS cloud based virtualized infrastructures can be downloaded here.