Shrideep Pallickara [Teaching]


Graduate and Undergraduate courses
I teach courses at both the undergraduate and graduate level. I have created 3 new computer science courses (CS 455, CS 555, and CS 655) in the area of distributed systems at Colorado State University. CS455 is designated as a capstone course and is targeted at senior undergraduate students. First year graduate students take CS555, while CS655 is an advanced research seminar course typically taken by PhD students. The primary objective of these courses is for students to gain a deeper understanding of the algorithms, frameworks, and strategies that underpin complex, large-scale distributed systems. The x55 series of courses entail extensive programming and substantive systems building assignments in addition to a writing component that is generally split into 3 deliverables to facilitate critical feedback on the content and organization of ideas.

List of Courses Taught So Far
  CS 455 Introduction to Distributed Systems [Spring 2021-17, 2015-12]
  CS 555 Distributed Systems [Fall 2020/19/17/15/12/10
  CS 370 Operating Systems [Fall 2018/14/12 & Spring 2017-16, 12-11]
  CS 655 Advanced Topics in Distributed Systems [Fall 2013/11]
  CS 451 Operating Systems [Spring 2010]
  CS 670 Special topics in Architecture/Systems: {Distributed Systems} [Fall 2009]

Summer Camp for Middle School Students
I organize an annual STEM camp for middle school students. The camp, Math in Action in Computer Science (MACS), focuses on making connections between Math and computer science. The camp includes sessions where students learn to code and write programs for distance measures, probability, and matrix operations. For the past few years, this has been the highlight of my summers and I love doing this. It's incredible seeing how students come up to speed with writing computer programs and concepts such as conditionals, loops, and recursion.

A new 5-year successor to MACS (Middle School Adventures in Computer Science) will start in 2021. As part of this effort we are working with Lincoln IB Middle School in Fort Collins, Colorado.