CS518 2004


General Information






  1. Characterization of distributed systems
    • Introduction and examples of distributed systems
    • System models: architectural models and fundamental models
  2. Distributed objects and remote invocation
    • Communication between Distributed Objects
    • Remote Procedure Calling
    • Events and Notifications
    • CORBA
    • Java RMI
    • Jini: Robust, evolvable, plug-and-play systems; Service discovery, registration and lookup; Remote events, leasing;
  3. Component-based development
    • UML and component-based design
    • JavaBeans: Reusable component development
    • CORBA component model
    • Enterprise Java Beans: Session Beans - stateful and stateless; Entity Beans;
  4. Service-oriented architectures
  5. Other development approaches
    • Model driven development
    • Aspect-oriented development for middleware-based applications
  6. Design patterns for distributed applications
    • Service access and configuration patterns
    • Event handling patterns
    • Synchronization patterns
    • Concurrency patterns

Last updated: November 18, 2005