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The submission deadline for late-breaking papers has passed - information for the original can be found here

On-Line Copies of GECCO-2000 Author Kit Forms

GECCO-2000 Call For Papers

The deadline for ARRIVAL at the physical address below of eight (8) paper copies of each submitted paper is: WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 26, 2000. The address is GECCO-2000, c/o AAAI, 445 Burgess Drive, Menlo Park, CA 94025, USA. Phone 650-328-3123. 

Submitted papers are to be in single-spaced, 10-point type on 8 1/2" x 11" or A4 paper with 1" margin at top and 3/4" margin at left, right, and bottom. Papers may not be submitted by e-mail or fax.

Each paper is to contain ALL of the following 9 items, contained entirely within a maximum total of eight(8) pages, IN THIS ORDER:

  1. the paper's category, chosen from one the following alternatives: 
    • Genetic Algorithms (GA)
    • Genetic Programming (GP)
    • Evolution Strategies/Evolutionary Programming (ESP)
    • Classifiers (CS)
    • Evolvable Hardware (EH) 
    • Real-World Applications (RWA)
    • Artificial Life, Adapative Behavior, Agents, and Immune Systems (AL)
    • Genetic Scheduling and TSP (GS)
    • Mathematical Foundations of Evolutionary Algorithms (MF)
    • Neural Networks and Data Mining (NNDM)
    • DNA and Molecular Computing (DNA)
    • Ant Colony Optimization (AC)
    • Evolutionary Robotics (ER)
  2. title of paper,
  3. author name(s),
  4. author physical address(es),
  5. author e-mail address(es),
  6. author phone number(s),
  7. 50-200 word abstract of the paper at the beginning of the paper,
  8. the text of the paper(including all figures, tables, acknowledgments, and appendicies, if any), and 
  9. bibliography. Review criteria will include significance of the work, novelty, clarity, writing quality, and sufficiency of information to permit replication (if applicable).
The first-named author (or other corresponding author designated by the authors at the time of submission) will be notified via e-mail of receipt of the paper within 10 days of the paper submission deadline. If such notification is not received, please notify immediately. The corresponding author will be notified via e-mail of paper acceptance or rejection on approximately the first week of March, 2000. It is preferred (but not required) that the format of submitted papers roughly follow the required format for final camera-ready papers. The required style for the final camera-ready papers is posted GECCO WWW page and is identical to that of GECCO-99. Different numbers of pages may be allocated to accepted papers based on the policies of the various separate program tracks of the conference. The deadline for final camera-ready version of accepted papers will be announced (and will be approximately the first week of April, 2000). There will be two volumes for the conference proceedings books. By submitting a paper to the conference, the author(s) agree that, if their paper is accepted,
  1. they will submit a final revised camera-ready version by the deadline for camera-ready papers (approximately the first week of April, 2000),
  2. register at least one author by the deadline for camera-ready papers, and
  3. at least one author will attend and present the accepted paper at the conference.
The material in papers must represent substantially new work that has not been previously published by conferences, journals, or edited books in the evolutionary computation field. GECCO permits a paper to be submitted to the GECCO conference that is substantially similar to a paper being contemporaneously submitted for review to another conference; however, if the submitted paper is accepted by the GECCO conference, the author(s) agree that substantially the same material will not be published by another conference in the evolutionary computation field. (Material may be later revised and submitted to a journal if permitted by the journal involved). 

Formatting Instructions for Camera-Ready Papers

The format for camera-ready papers is identical to that for the 1999 GECCO conference. Formatting instructions and style files (for MS Word and LaTeX) are available below:
  1. A LaTeX style file with an example of its use
  2. A LaTeX2e style file
  3. For MS Word, a template and the formatting instructions
  4. The formatting instructions in postscript
  5. The formatting instructions in PDF

If you encounter any problems DOWNLOADING the formatting instructions or style files, please contact either
Jean-Paul Watson or
Laura Barbulescu.
The LaTex files have been used in previous ICGA and GECCO conferences, so any problems you encounter are likely to be yours. The M/S word template is the same as used for GECCO-99, and is NOT supported by us.