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All conference participants can attend conference tutorials on Sunday, July 9, 2000 free of chage. There are introductory tutorials as well as tutorials aimed at more advanced audiences.

Wolfgang Banzhaf, Genetic Programming with Linear Genomes 

Hans-Georg Beyer, Introduction to Evolutionary Strategies 

Forrest H. Bennett III, Analog Circuit Design via Genetic Programming 

Ken De Jong, Evolutionary Computation: A Unified View

Russell Deaton and Stephen Karl, Introduction to DNA Computing

Marco Dorigo, Ant Algorithms

Alex Freitas, Data Mining with Evolutionary Algorithms

David E. Goldberg, An Idiosyncratic Introduction to Genetic Algorithms 

Robert Heckendorn, Polynomial-Time Walsh Analysis 

Tetsuya Higuchi, Evolvable Hardware

John R. Koza, Introduction to Genetic Programming

William Langdon, Genetic Programming Data Structures

Zbigniew Michalewicz, Constraint Optimization using Evolutionary Algorithms

Peter Nordin, Machine Code Genetic Programming

Tom Ray, Tierra Tutorial

Guenter Rudolph, Real-Coded Theory of Evolutionary Algorithms 

Conor Ryan, Automatic Parallelization Using Genetic Programming 

Alan Schultz and Mitchell Potter, Evolutionary Robotics

Michael Vose, Genetic Algorithm Theory 

Stewart Wilson, Classifier Systems