Record Your Own Lectures

With a lot of help from others on the net, I've settled on using a
combination of free software and relatively inexpensive hardware to
record lectures including full screen capture. The screen capture
includes small video of lecturer from webcam on the laptop. For
freehand drawing, I used a Bamboo tablet, which is also captured on
the screen. Audio is recorded using an xTag wireless mic.

Here is an example of a recording of a lecture.

Linux tools (as in "free") that were used include:

  • ffmpeg for capturing the screen and audio, and for compressing afterwards,
  • xawtv for displaying webcam view,
  • xournal for freehand drawing, and
  • other linux tools, like pkill, xtoolwait, wmctrl, and sleep.

The site Ubuntu Forums is very useful for installing latest versions of x264 and ffmpeg. Also, the site System-Wide
PulseAudio Equalizer Updated
helped with setting volume gain on USB XTag mic.

Hardware includes:

Here are a set of three bash scripts I used.

In the future, I will add screenkey, see the video.

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