Fall, 2024

Past courses I have taught, most recent listed first

  • CS345: Machine Learning Foundations and Practice
  • CS440: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • CS445: Introduction to Machine Learning
  • CS793: Brain-Computer Interfaces
  • CS793: Deep Reinforcement Learning
  • CS320: Algorithms – Theory and Practice
  • CS681: Reinforcement Learning and Neural Networks
  • CS640: Advanced Machine Learning
  • CS645: Advanced Machine Learning
  • CS540: Artificial Intelligence
  • CS410: Introduction to Computer Graphics
  • CS510: Computer Graphics
  • CS161: Object Oriented Problem Solving
  • CS200: Data Structures and Algorithms
  • CS201: Discrete Structures
  • CS253: Problem Solving with C++
  • CS301: Foundations of Computer Science
  • CT310: Web Development