Tabbed Panels in Matlab

(Updated 2016: Matlab now has functions uitab and uitabgroup for creating tabbed panels.) We have written some code that implements tabbed panels for Matlab. The implementation makes it very easy to add additional panels to an application. It can be downloaded here as pluggablePanels.tar.gz. It includes a README file and a subset of files needed … Read more

Mountain Car Solved with Reinforcement Learning in Matlab

Problems whose solutions optimize an objective function defined over multiple steps generally require considerable a prior knowledge. Dynamic programming techniques are able to solve such multi-stage, sequential decision problems, but they require complete knowledge of the state space, including state transition probabilities. Bertsekas (1995) has recently published a two-volume text that covers current dynamic programming … Read more

Our Early Neural Network Code

This posting contains links to and explanations for C code developed for our research in the 1990's. C Code for Error Backpropagation train.c is a C program for training multilayer, feedforward neural networks with error backpropagation using early stopping and cross-validation. The program includes the option of training the networks on a CNAPS Server (see … Read more